It Goes Around, It Comes Around

Ok, am I going crazy? Are we suddenly back in the 80’s? I mean, a poster for a 3D horror movie featuring the killer’s weapon bursting through the screen? Really?

Sure, the production values are now much better. But the cheese is still equally (or even more) strong.

Not that I’m not tickled by it, but I have no taste.

(Via UGO and IMPAwards)

4 thoughts on “It Goes Around, It Comes Around”

  1. Love that poster. Cleavage, Phallic symbols, 3D lettering, and just great energy. It really makes me look froward to a cheesy 3D slasher flick. (A type of a movie I enjoy, Freddy vs. Jason is fantastic)

  2. Love, love this poster. Watching Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 3D I found myself wishing I was watching something a bit more…. sleazy. This fits the bill perfectly.

    @ PJ

    The screen isn’t made of glass. The killer is shattering a window with his pick axe sending the debris towards the audience… or something.

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