Punisher: War Zone Lenticular Poster

Lenticular posters are those 3D/moving things you sometimes see on you local cineplex. As you can imagine it’s not very easy to tell exactly the effect one of those will have in real life from a picture on the internet. For example, I quite liked this poster when I first saw it, but I was muuuuuch more impressed when I saw the actual thing.

So, I’m imagining this lenticular Punisher poster will look quite cool. In the real thing the guns are mounted on the outside of the lightbox, which should make for an even more striking effect. But honestly, it’s hard to tell just how good (or bad) it is just from this image.

So, if you spot the actual poster let me know what you thought of it. And if I see it I’ll update the post.


Still Shiny

Kurt from RowThree was nice enough to point me over to this poster made by artist Jeff Kleinsmith for a special Alamo Drafthouse screening. If you are quick you can also buy it from MondoTees.

Normal posters have to sell to you a movie you have never seen, often without showing too much so as not to spoil the surprise. I think one of the great things about these posters is that they don’t have these constraints. These are movies we know, and the artists can play with any imagery from the film and with our memories and feelings about them. Sometimes that makes for some extraordinary stuff.

Just as a bonus here is the poster for Fantastic Fest 2008.

Authenticity is Overrated

Angels and Demons Poster

This poster might very well not be an official poster, but is that reason enought not to post it? I say no.

A half angel, half demon statue might be an overly literal visual representation of a movie called Angels & Demons, but you know what? I don’t really care. It works. And the background serves as a nice reminder that this movie is probably going to have lots of travel porn.

Of course the dark mood of the poster and the seemly supernatural elements don’t really seem to fit with what I imagine the tone and story of the movie will be like. I haven’t actually read the book, so perhaps it would seem more fitting if I had, but I was expecting something a little lighter and more grounded.

Then again I’m expecting this movie too suck, so going against my expectations is probably a good thing.

This poster could have worked very well for a classy horror movie. On the other hand, this poster for House couldn’t, which is a shame because this one actually is a horror movie.

House Poster

Forbidden and dangerous doors are a recurring theme/image and it can be really effective if well handled. But this is more boring than scary.

(Via IMPAwads and WildAboutMovies)