Bigger (Head) in Japan

Valkyre Poster

One of the very best things about this Valkyrie poster was that it resisted the temptation of splashing a huge picture of Tom Cruise’s face all over itself. Well, no such restraint in Asia apparently as these Japanese and Korean posters show.

Honestly, the restraint in the American version probably had a lot to do with Cruise’s fading star. Having his huge face on a poster might just not be such a turn on to audiences anymore. Meanwhile, as far as I know the guy is still very popular in Asia, or at least in Japan, so we get big heads. Logical, in a way. But it makes for much less appealing posters.

It is interesting though that the Japanese poster shows nothing but Cruise, not even on the borders. If it wasn’t for the eye patch this could be a poster for pretty much any Cruise movie ever.

(Thanks to Casty the Clown for sending these over)

Valkyre Poster


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