Something Movie # 123686

Dance Flick

About this poster, the IMP says:

Kind of surprising that they would fashion the poster after the 2001 film Save the Last Dance. (Most recent spoof films seem to try focusing only on things that happened in the last week.)

It does seem surprising at first glance, but thinking about it some more maybe it isn’t. After all, how many dance flicks are there? I mean, this really is scrapping the genre barrel. Maybe they tried to do something referencing recent movies. When they couldn’t come up with enough stuff to fill the poster they typed “dance” in the IMDB search and lo and behold we have a spoof of Save the Last Dance on the poster.

The light on the end of the tunnel of all this is that we must be coming to the end of our current spoof movie cycle, right? I mean, they are spoofing dance flicks. Dance flicks! What’s next? Period Movie? That one will be a barrel of laughs.

Of course, they could get the Wayans, David Zucker, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer together and make Spoof Flick, a movie spoofing movies spoofing movie genres. And then the universe would collapse into itself.


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