New Terminator Salvation Poster

I have to admit, the Terminator’s face emerging from the destroyed remains of a city is one of the coolest poster images I have seen this year. A very good idea expertly executed in this case.

And this flash “moving” version makes the whole thing even better. I wonder how long it will take until motion posters of this kind become something we see commonly on theater lobbies?

I’m kind of surprised at how much weight the Terminator brand still carries with me, and with how good the marketing materials for this film have been. Considering the director of Salvation is the infamous McG I’m keeping my hopes down. But as it turns out I sure would love one more great Terminator film.

(Via IMPAwards)

9 thoughts on “New Terminator Salvation Poster”

  1. this poster is brilliant. as for how much weight the franchise carries, there have have only been one bad movie and a very mediocre tv show. how many mediocre BOND films have there been (i’ll spot you the entire roger moore catalog). we still kick rob zombie’s HALLOWEEN knowing it beats the hell out of the seven sequels that came before it. i’lll argue none of the BATMAN movies before BATMAN BEGINS were any good.

    people are very forgiving.

    as for mcg, what’s the deal. the guy has directed three movies. WE ARE MARSHALL is a solid film and the two CHARLIE’S ANGELS movies are exactly what they should be: good stupid fun. did any of us think somewhere there was a martin scorsese CHARLIE’S ANGELS movie with cate blanchette, laura linney and angela bassett that got passed over for the drew barrymore thing? it’s CHARLIE’S F*CKING ANGELS.

    if you hate the guy, hate him because he’s forty and insists on being called “mcg” like he’s a rockstar. while i am at it, all directors need to understand they are not rockstars so can we drop all the one word names like kaos and tarsem or changing their names to oliver megaton. seriously, when you direct RAGING BULL i’ll call you anything you want. when you direct ECKS VS SEVER and TRANSPORTER 3 take your check, bang your supermodel and go home.

  2. Yeah, I like this one much, as well. Looks really great. The idea of an animated movie posters freaks me out, though. Technically it would be easily managable. Install LCD TVs in the cinema foyers and done.

    But… how am I supposed to collect that then?

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