Final Poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D

My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster

I guess the idea of this poster is to draw attention to the 3D effect but still produce a creepy poster that feels like the poster for a serious horror movie. I like the idea, but I’m not sure the execution works all that well. The 3D aspect is much more muted than it was in the last poster, but when compared to modern horror posters I don’t think this comes out as particularly scary. the poster ends up being neither here nor there.

So, what should they do different to sell this movie? I’m not sure. I really don’t know how you sell a 3D horror movie well. I’m not even sure you can. Is this something people are really interested in? If so, who exactly? And why? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, and that makes it hard for me to think of a good marketing strategy.

If 3D does indeed become a a normal way of seeing films, and that does seem likely, we will eventually come to a better understanding of how to market these films, and we will probably develop a whole visual vocabulary from which to draw from which is relevant to this day and age. But right now, and for at least the next couple of years, I think we will see a lot of trial and error. Emphasis on the error.

3 thoughts on “Final Poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D”

  1. I hope, that 3D movies will be so normal one day, that they don’t have to use that “3D” on the posters anymore. It looked cool on movie posters from the fifties, but is a little bit embarrassing these days. But I guess that some day all movies will be in some sort of “3D”. Maybe some more (throwing stuff into the audience) and maybe some to a lesser degree (an ordinary dialogue). And once the movie industry reaches this time they don’t have to think of “how do we market that special gimmicky 3D effect on the poster, whilst still looking like a serious horror movie?” .

  2. The next “Final Destination” movie is in 3D and I’d argue that people who like those films will be gagging to see one of them in 3D (that movie was MADE for 3D) and I can see “Piranha 3D” having some fun (albeit predictable) scares with the medium, but I think 3D will eventually become an action/adventure only thing. People aren’t going to pay upwards of $5 extra for, oh I dunno, “Prom Night: 3D”. Teenagers aren’t that fussy when it comes to cheap thrills as the gross of the recent “Prom Night” remake did indeed attest to.

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