Coraline From A to Z

26 Letters. 26 sites. 26 Posters. That is a lot of posters. And a lot of sites. Luckily IMPAwards has collected them all in one place, making things much easier for us all.

With 26 posters being released at once it will be no surprise that most of them aren’t particularly remarkable. But the effect of seeing them all one after another is pretty strong. Each poster hints at one aspect of this magical world the film will show us, and by the 26th I found myself quite intrigued by all the strange things that are apparently happening in it.

Adding that to the novelty of all these posters being shown in all these sites and I’m willing to say this marketing effort is a success.

2 thoughts on “Coraline From A to Z”

  1. i am so very excited for this movie! i loved this book so much in highschool that i even named my black cat Coraline! how can i get a free poster?!?!?!?!


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