Madea Goes to The Same Place as Ever

So we went from this…

Madea Goes to Jail Poster

…to these.

Hard to see much of a theme, a consistent mood or really anything that would make all these seem like they are for the same movie.

Then again maybe the theme is Tyler Perry. As KamikazeKamel has pointed out before it’s sort of a tradition of Tyler Perry movies to have really interesting teaser posters and then very broad main posters with Madea’s face splashed all over them.

(Via the (Spiffy! Redesigned!) IMPAwards)

3 thoughts on “Madea Goes to The Same Place as Ever”

  1. It’s interesting how different in tone these posters are.

    The original teaser-poster hints of serious drama, maybe a period-piece or something “based on actual events”.

    The other posters hint of a lame low-budget Eddie Murphy-style comedy on crack.

  2. i am not a madea or perry fan but i think these posters are selling what the movie is providing (unlike the teaser). as for rebenga comment about low-budget comedy, the madea movies have never been the high-point of sophistication and i am sure she won’t show up in all those outfits and they’re just for the posters.

    i am also a suck when they work information into the actual poster (like the release date). i think the poster for CONNIE & CARLA is brilliant at doing that.

    and i have to admit, the black power madea makes me laugh.

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