Crank 2 Teaser Poster

This is Crank:

This is Crank on drugs:

Or, if you prefer, this is the first poster for Crank 2 : High Voltage.

The posters seem to indicate that Crank 2 will be just like the first, but even more exaggerated. I find it hard to believe they can do something that tops the first, but the fact that they are making a sequel with the same characters after that ending proves that they are going to try.

The first Crank had a couple of really nice teaser poster and a so-so final one. Maybe this time we can get a more memorable final poster? And maybe another great teaser that is not a riff on a poster for the first film? No that there is anything wrong of this poster, it’s pretty great, but something different would also be nice.


2 thoughts on “Crank 2 Teaser Poster”

  1. Huh? You have a movie with the ultimate bad ass, Jason Statham, and you don’t even picture him on the cover of your poster? People go to Jason Statham movies, not because he can act, but because he’s a bad ass, or at least looks like one.

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