Dead Snow Posters

“This Spring, even the snow is dead.”

Dead Snow comes, of course, from Norway, where historically snow has played a large role on Nazi Zombie movies. However the above, recently released poster is not the Norwegian original. These are the Norwegian originals:

Quite a striking difference isn’t it? The international poster is gory, but rather typical of the genre. The Norwegian posters choose a much more unusual style and their choices of scenes to depict often skewer a lot of poster conventions for the genre, to the point that I wonder if they are really doing that great a job o selling the movie. Not that I care about that all that much, since as poster art they work beautifully.

The mood of the Norwegians posters also strikes me as much more serious than the mood of the international poster. With the exception of the main poster, which does contain a certain zaniness.

(Via IMPAwards)


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