Big River Man Poster

I’m not, generally, a big fan of posters with lots of text. Posters are for images, not words.

But this is a nice exception.

A big part of why this is different is that they managed to include a great number of different text styles and coordinated them in a way that not only makes the whole thing visually appealing but also encourages you to read it. And the actual content of the text makes a compelling case for seeing the movie. Win win.

(Via IMPAwards)

5 thoughts on “Big River Man Poster”

  1. I like this one too. It looks like it’s from a page out of Men’s Health Magazine, but in this case, for this movie, that’s why it works. It’s the kind of design solution that should be used sparingly, but this one sold me on the movie.

  2. I would have to agree that this is a great poster, but I would have to disagree that “posters are for images, not words.” To equate typography with “words” is a mistake. It’s so much more than just “words.” Well chosen and designed type can be as beautiful, striking and powerful as any photograph, illustration or photoshopped monstrosity. I wish more films were brave enough to look at typographical solutions as quickly as they choose the big floaty head in the sky option.

  3. I don’t think I disagree Kenny, but I think type should be used because it makes for beautiful images. Expecting people to closely read the actual content of the text is probably not a good idea. Or at the very least one shouldn’t base the poster on that expectation.

    Then again, there are exceptions to that, as I think this poster shows.

  4. I strongly agree with the first statement on this topic: Posters are for images, not words. Here in Minnesota I had designed and printed an informative poster for te Amazonswim with a little Portuguese text “Sunrise in Brazil”. Matt Mohlke took it to Sundance. I wonder where it is now. Let’s see it.
    Yul Yost

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