Two Nights at the Museum

I guess since we have all seen the first movie the weird inhabitants of the museum have no reason to hide anymore, either from us or from Ben. Which is kind of unfortunate because a lot of the magic of the first poster had to do with getting a glimpse of this world of wonders lurking just under the surface of a normal museum. With all of them there front and center the effect is much diminished. Not to mention that the poster ends up looking a lot like one of those posters for the annual every-movie-under-the-sun spoofs.

Also making this poster worst than the ones for the original: that damn smirk on Ben’s face.

(Via MoviePoster and IMPAwards)


2 thoughts on “Two Nights at the Museum”

  1. That new one might be the least subtle poster I’ve ever seen.

    My heart truly weeps for the designer. I imagine their art direction sounded a lot like this: “Quick, throw more sh*t on it! There’s not enough of EVERY character! We must fill every white space!”

    Front-runner for worst poster of the year…

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