Harry Potter and the Typical Harry Potter Poster

Half-Blood prince is going to be the sixth Potter movie. So it’s no surprise that by now they have a marketing formula they think works and is not worth straying from. For the posters this means lots of character posters showing the characters either looking distressed or looking ready to fight back. Apparently it also means a blue tinge. And every once in a while it means a tagline that says very little about the story but makes the whole thing sound big and scary.

Complaining about this is like complaining that a Big Mac still tastes the same as ever. While it works they won’t change it, at least no meaningfully. And for many of the fans the familiarity is a big part of the appeal.

(Via MSN Movies, Yahoo! Movies and IMPAwards)


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Typical Harry Potter Poster”

  1. Won’t complain about the formula for all the reasons you said. But seriously, what’s going on with Harry’s arm on the last poster? I think it must have been designed the same guy who brought us Bangkok Dangerous.

  2. I’m with Cappy…
    I think Harry’s head its a very bad poster…
    Who wants to see a movie with the big Harry’s head on the screen?
    but I liked the last poster.

  3. As a major Harry Potter fan, I was really interested to read what you had to say on the posters (the Harry Potter posters are what got me interested in design and especially poster design. I would recreate the style of the Harry Potter posters to understand how they got things to look the way they look). I do agree that the studio is using a formula, which I wish they would break, but as it’s nearing the end, I don’t think they will. We’d all still go see the movie, though.

    I’m curious as to what you think of the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 character posters that were recently released on Yahoo Movies. I’m guessing you’ll say the same thing you did with the Half-Blood Prince posters. I think the only strong one is Ron. Otherwise, they seem very paint-by-numbers – that is, following a guide. It makes sense to have an overarching look to something, but when it’s a series as widely known as Harry Potter, that overarching look becomes less important. They have the freedom to play with that image, such as cropping part of the title. They have that luxery because everyone knows Harry Potter, we don’t need to be able to read the entire logotype to know what it is.

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