The Last House on the Left Poster

Well, this is about the most boring, most literal poster they could have cooked up for this movie. A scary house on a hill. Yeah, we had never seen anything like that before.

Now, compare it to the grindhouse goodness of the original:

Now, I didn’t actually expect them to go with something like this. This kind of poster only works in a certain context and it wouldn’t be successful in selling the movie to a broad swath of the current generation of moviegoers.

But I think this illustrates the problem not just with poster but with the whole remake. They took a film that is a cult classic largely for being so extreme, in that typical grindhouse fashion, and took that extreme side away without adding anything in its place. The result is looking to me like it will be largely irrelevant. The poster certainly is.

(Via ShockTillYouDrop)


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