Oscar Week: Frost/Nixon

Frost/Nixon is basically an intimate, almost claustrophobic story. The poster takes a cue from that and shows us the the people at the center of this story. Nixon, swollen by shadows, and Frost in the light and looking decisive, almost angry.

Honestly, its a little too claustrophobic for my own tastes. And yet, I can’t deny that after just looking at a small version of it a few months ago the poster immediately stuck to my mind and I had no problem recalling it since them. The way the actors are positioned, their expressions and the lighting end up creating an image that might not be instantly appealing, but is unique enough to cause an impression.

This other version is a little more “open”. This kind of design is, of course, very usual. But this is good execution of it, and it generally fits the film. So it works, but is utterly forgettable. The, in my opinion, more flawed main version ends up being much more interesting, at least for me.

But no home run here.


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