Oscar Week: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

When the first posters were released for Benjamin Button I struggled with what to say about them. That was months ago, but I’m still struggling.

I’m basically mesmerized by what are, on the surface, very simple posters. Just the actors faces against a pitch black background.

And yet, there is something more in there. The expression isn’t quite right. It’s neither happy, nor sad, nor anything easily comprehensible. There is a weird hint of timelessness in them. And there is something else, something I can’t quite put my finger on, but that makes looking at them endlessly fascinating for me.

And if the above paragraph didn’t make much sense for you, all I can say is that it didn’t make much sense for me either. Like I said, struggling.

There were a series of other posters released later which hinted at the larger story of the movie and its somewhat epic scope. It was nice to have posters that actually told us something about the film instead of just showing the stars faces. And yet, I found then almost completely forgetful. Meanwhile Pitt’s face haunts me.

If I had to choose one poster to add to that big list of posters of Oscar winners, one of the early posters for Ben Button would be my choice. This has, of course, a lot to do with the fact that the other options are rather weak this year. Not bad exactly, just uninspired.

And just to reiterate what I said last year: I’m very glad the academy isn’t basing its choices on the posters.

One thought on “Oscar Week: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

  1. Where can I find the Benjamin Button poster that contained the quote “Life can only be understood backward, but must be lived forward.”

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