Inglorious Posters

So, this film is actually coming out? This year even? After all this time? I can hardly believe it. And yet, we have posters, so it must be true.

And what do the posters tell us about the movie? Mostly that it will be bloody. Very bloody. Very, very bloody. So bloody in fact that I’m wondering if Quentin is quite over his grindhouse obsession.

The posters also sort of make a reference to “spaghetti westerns” with the tagline. Which jibes with Quentin’s past statements about the nature of the film.

As for the posters taken by themselves, they are way too clean and sharp for my tastes. I think it makes them look uncomfortably similar to posters for some modern slicked out and dull horror remake.

Sometimes a little dirt or a little grain makes all the difference between something soulless and something that feels real and works like a punch to the stomach. There is no need to go for full blown grindhouse cheapo, of course, just to add a little bit of imperfection.

And yet, despite that problem I still kind of like them. The touch of having the title scribbled on the third poster is very nice, for example. And there are several other good ideas on the posters.

They could have easily received a better execution tough.

(Via IMPAwards)


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