Terminator and Some Regular Posters

I liked the previous posters for Terminator: Salvation, including the very cool motion poster. These new character posters are a bit of a disappointment tough. Very usual action posters, with the characters looking busy and loads of stuff flying around, which mostly serves to muddle the image.

The new posters don’t really explore in any effective way the iconography of the series. Yes there is a T-something, but in here he looks like just like a generic killer robot. And the posters also don’t even hint at some of the new, cool stuff the trailers seem to be setting up. The scope of the battle is also not well represented. Everything is really generic, which is no good for a series that has such a powerful history.

And as discussed before, I’m not a big fan of brown. At all.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Terminator and Some Regular Posters”

  1. i like the last one a lot. the terminator image in the center one is just a weird angle. here’s my deal: who the hell is sam worthington? not that i don’t know but that guy doesn’t sell tickets. 90% of the people in a blockbuster on a friday night can’t name two movies with him in it. putting him on a poster is a waste of ink. you’d be better off with another giant robot or bryce howard and we’d at least say, “she’s that girl from those shitty m night shymalan movies.” christian bale has made himself a name and even still they should put “john connor” so we know that’s who he’s playing since he’s the fifth (or sixth)guy to play that part. if worthington is playing kyle reese then say that (i honestly have no idea who he’s supposed to be) but his mug on a poster won’t make anyone who wasn’t going to see this show up (except maybe his mom).

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