Laid to Rest Poster

Screaming women are a staple of horror posters. I guess there is nothing that conveys fear and helpless terror as well as a poor defenseless lady with an open mouth and closed eyes. Or so the marketers think.

It’s really not something that I particularly appreciate, but I’ve learned to tolerate it. However this one is bugging me.

Honestly, it’s a minor issue in this poster. The screaming is quite confined and doesn’t really harm the poster significantly. But it’s so unnecessary! The poster is fine without it, and the metal skull is much more distinctive than a screaming, red-tinted woman. And yet, there she is. Because otherwise we might not know this was a horror movie. Or something.

(Via The Sarah Connor Society and IMPAwards)


7 thoughts on “Laid to Rest Poster”

  1. I don’t think the screaming woman is a terrible choice here. A metal skull by itself wouldn’t really do it for me. Especially since Terminator is also coming out this year and this movie stars Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker (from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). I kind of like that she’s reflected in the metal too. It makes for a nice little red accent in the skull leading to the title.

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