Astro Boy Emerges

Ah, Astro Boy, the robot with a heart of … well, I have no idea what the hell that is made of. But the important point is that he does have a heart. And he is a robot. See, this is a very sweet story. About a robot.

Ever since I started reading about and seeing bits and pieces of Astro Boy I have been wondering if the visuals of the whole thing aren’t just a tad too outdated. Sure, Astro was super in his time, but right now I think we ave gotten used to a very different style of design of animated characters. And this poster, although it’s in general a pretty nifty teaser, reinforces those concerns.

Not many people still love, or even know about Astro Boy. So, can this character entrance a whole new generation that doesn’t already have a connection to him? Some people believe, I’m not entirely sure.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Astro Boy Emerges”

  1. I’ve seen the teaser and I agree with you that the animation style looks old, not what we’re used from other latest movies.
    The poster doesn’t reveals much, but I believe we still need to give it a chance.
    Lets wait for the full trailer or new posters and see more about this movie.

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