Three Times Star Trek

The three international posters released for Star Trek today are very different from each other. First we have this one:

Basically the approach here was to use the big heads floating over landscape design and to put in the landscape two of the most striking images found in the trailer: Kirk on a bike and the still being built Enterprise. The end result? kind of a mess.

The second takes an almost directly inverse approach. None of the actors show up, just a striking, CGI filled image of a famous monument interacting with the film’s world. This too is a well known design choice. We saw similar things for example here. And of course here.

The problem? Except for the title there is nothing in the image that says Star Trek. as a matter of fact I’m not completely sure what is going on in the poster.

And then we have this third poster, which feels like a throwback to earlier Star Trek posters, and even more reminds me of some other 80’s style sci-fi imagery. Only everything is very polished, and looks modern. Those older posters right now seem like a very outdated vision of the future. This, not so much.

I like this poster, even tough when you really think about it the image is more or less your standard big floating heads poster. And it even looks like an Iron Man poster I criticized last year. But it fills me with a sense of nostalgia I hadn’t experienced yet. And I think the poster kind of captures what the movie is going to be all about, for better or for worst.

(Via Kinopoisk and IMPAwards)

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