Terminator and Some Regular Posters

I liked the previous posters for Terminator: Salvation, including the very cool motion poster. These new character posters are a bit of a disappointment tough. Very usual action posters, with the characters looking busy and loads of stuff flying around, which mostly serves to muddle the image.

The new posters don’t really explore in any effective way the iconography of the series. Yes there is a T-something, but in here he looks like just like a generic killer robot. And the posters also don’t even hint at some of the new, cool stuff the trailers seem to be setting up. The scope of the battle is also not well represented. Everything is really generic, which is no good for a series that has such a powerful history.

And as discussed before, I’m not a big fan of brown. At all.

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My Life in Ruins Poster

Andre James from Row Three alerted me to this poster for My Life in Ruins and to the visual resemblance it has with this poster we saw not long ago for Mamma Mia!

Initially I thought that maybe the poster for My Life in Ruins was somehow referencing or parodying the Mamma Mia! one. But looking at the movie’s story and at the poster I’m just not seeing it. So that leaves me with the explanation that both films are set in Greece and both happened to choose pretty much the same typical Greek background.

But considering that to be the case, didn’t the people behind the My Life in Ruins one see the poster campaign for Mamma Mia! ? That film was pretty popular, so it seems like that would be hard to escape.

But if they did notice the resemblance, why wasn’t this version of the poster junked? Honestly the comparison is not kind to the newer poster. Did they think people wouldn’t notice? Did they think they wouldn’t care?

Very puzzling.

I Smell a Crossover

One is a venerable bad boy still struggling with the acceptance he has received from the establishment. The other is a washed up TV star trying to matter again. They both like to stand alone in the posters for their films looking towards some place outside the image.

Don’t miss their meeting in .. Public Enemies for One Week!

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Pandorum Poster

There is certain liberty one gets when allowed to cater just to the core audience for a film that can lead to very interesting things. This Wondercom poster for Pandorum is an example. Unencumbered by the necessity of showing the star (Dennis Quaid) or telling the story to a unsuspecting audience it is allowed t be just … weird.

Pandorum takes us a to a spaceship where a pair of crew members wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities. Or so IMDb tells me. So the poster isn’t completely disconnected from the story of the film. It just isn’t interested in talking about it in a straightforward manner. That won’t hold for final posters, of course. But for now I’m enjoying the weirdness.

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Disgusting in Motion

(See the continue reading link for the poster, because having it load on the front page was way too distracting)

This “motion poster” was pretty effective when I saw it the first time. Caught me by surprise, grabbed my attention, and made me feel pretty disgusted. Pretty decent combo for a horror movie. And obviously moving posters are a pretty good medium for jump scares.

That said, after seeing it loop a couple of time it became a lot less effective. Ultimately the creepy, weird, static poster was more haunting and was able to occupy my mind for much longer.

This is the second motion poster we have seen in a short amount of time. I expect we will see many more. Whether this is a passing fad or a new part of the marketing arsenal remains to be seen.

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