Drag Me to Hell Poster

A screaming woman. A very literal interpretation of the title. Fake looking flames.

Are they trying to piss me off?

The thing is, despite all that, this is actually pretty close to being an ok poster. But some execution details, like the flames, just keep it a little below that.

Anyway, Sam Raimi’s horror posters used to be much better.

(Via ShockTillYouDrop and IMPAwards)

2 thoughts on “Drag Me to Hell Poster”

  1. Thank you for showing how much better classic posters are. Makes one wonder why they don’t use classic artists/techniques especially to promote a Riami film!

  2. My job promote a new horror movie by Sam Raimi. Why wouldn’t I mention Evil Dead or Spiderman. Or Raimi. Oh and give it a completely standard ‘every horror movie of the past 5 years’ look.

    Mediocre Poster. Great title though.

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