Moon Posters

I’m intrigued by these two poster for Moon, both of which I quite like. The one above is new, the one below is the one we had seen before.

Both posters have the same general objective: put the focus in Sam Rockwell’s character and give us a sense of his isolation (the film has him alone in the moon for several years). But the differences are interesting. The older poster used a more technological theme and was fairly loaded with background.

The new one, on the other hand, uses the same image o Rockwell, but strips almost everything else out, replacing them with a black background and concentric circles representing the moon (I guess). I think the bareness of the poster ends up conveying the character’s isolation and loneliness much much better, so that in itself is a big improvement.

But that is not all. The style of the poster is clearly antiquated. Which I myself, as a matter of taste, often appreciate. But beyond making the poster visually different than most other modern posters you are like to see any given day, I think the style also fits the movie and its themes. In part because many people have mentioned that the movie feels like an old fashioned sci-fi, something resembling decades past.

More specifically, the fascination with the moon itself is a bit old fashioned. We’ve been there. We’ve conquered it, in a sense. And now, we don’t care so much anymore. Now we are trying to get to Mars. Or beyond. But the Moon? That lost some of its mystery. But the poster helps us go back to a time when that wasn’t so.

It’s not a broad appeal blockbuster poster. Its not going to convince tons of people to see the movie. But it fits the movie, and makes it seem a little more special.

(Via AintItCoolNews, Thanks to reader PJ for the tip)

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