Brothers Bloom Posters

Ok, first off, this is not an official poster for Brothers Bloom. Instead it’s something the director asked his cousin to cook up. Still, it’s worth posting. Even tough I’m not a big fan of this particular drawing I think it still shows the potential drawn posters have to mesmerize and sell movies. Could we perhaps have a little bit more of this type of thing in official posters? Please?

The drawn poster is, for example, much better at conveying the rollicking trip around the world aspect of the movie than this other, very official poster.

The official poster does have one advantage: the orange umbrellas. No really. The orange on the poster is very lively and the umbrellas are offbeat and rather memorable. Still, not enough to really get one hooked. But at least it is something that will catch your eye, and maybe remind you of that trailer you saw online a while ago and that looked so good.

(Via BrothersBloom and FilSchoolRejects)


5 thoughts on “Brothers Bloom Posters”

  1. I think the big advantage the first one has is the tag line “A con man movie” It sets the tone perfectly and recalls memories of classics like “the sting”.

  2. this is way better than the actual poster, it is interesting to look at, in my opinion this would bring more people the the movie.

  3. I don’t mind the official poster, though I prefer the less cluttered version. The hand drawn version is great, but it markets the film as a period piece more than anything. As cluttered as the quotes are, at least there’s some visual interest in the angling.

  4. I have been searching Google and Yahoo and kept seeing coming across your posts so I thought I would drop by and check your site out. Thanks for the useful and informative stuff you have here… I’ll be back!

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