Extract Teaser Poster

I guess this trend from a couple of years ago isn’t quite dead yet. Although this is a really painful turn for the genre.

I do have to wonder about the effectiveness of this. Sure, it might get a few giggles. It might get noticed. But it makes the movie appear juvenile and alienates a good part of the audience. And Mike Judge might be the guy behind Beavis and Butt-Head, but his films have generally been a lost smarter than what this poster would indicate.

Then again, the trailer does involve a scene where what the poster implies actually happens to a guy. So it’s not like it doesn’t fit the movie. But by focusing squarely on that, even on a teaser, they might be underselling the movie.

Hopefully the final poster will make a more broadly appealing sell for the movie.

(Via HitFix and IMPAwards)


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