Alternate Poster for Taking Woodstock

[removed by request of the author]

So, you have seen the official poster for Taking Woodstock. But now here you see John Malloy’s alternate version which the studio ultimately didn’t pick.

It’s obvious from these two that they always wanted the poster to be quite psychedelic. In the end they went with an image that felt a lot like something you could have actually seen in the 60’s, and more particularly with something that you could see associated with the culture that permeated Woodstock. Malloy’s version lacks that “from the time” feel.

On the other hand, you can actually read the text in the alternate poster, which is a big plus! And overall I think it does make the movie look like a more broadly appealing comedy while maintaining a sense of uniqueness and a strong identity. Like I said before, I fear that the first poster might be making the movie look way more niche than it actually is.

I can see why they went the way they went, but there are (as is often the case) risks involved.



2 thoughts on “Alternate Poster for Taking Woodstock”

  1. I remember the topic of artists putting rejected comprehensives on their online portfolios came up when you had posted rejected comps of Jumper a few months back. In the case of Jumper, I thought it was okay for the artist to post his images to his portfolio because the movie had already been released. This movie doesn’t come out for a few more months though, so unless he had the studios blessing, posting this image now displays poor judgment on the part of the artist. I know I’d think twice about hiring an artist who posts their comps to the internet while the campaign is still active.

  2. Hey there
    I’m the artist and just caught wind of the post – many thanks! Just to clarify :), I had the studio’s full consent.
    Thanks again.

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