I’ve been torn about Bruno since the project was announced. I mean, Borat was tons of fun, but a part of the fun was that it felt fresh when it came to the big screen and became a cultural sensation, despite the fact that the show had been going on for a few years in the small screen. Could Bruno possibly be close to as much fun? Wouldn’t it feel like a retread, and with a much less funny character?

Well, we’ll have answers soon enough. But I have to say that the poster only strengthens my ambivalence. On one hand, a laughed when I first saw it. On the other hand, it’s just not as great as the classic poster for Borat. I don’t blame the poster itself, which I think does a lot of things right, but the source material, the character at the center of it all, simply isn’t as funny or memorable as Borat. And no matter how hard they try, and they are trying hard, that is hard to overcome.

Then again, a lot less funny than Borat can still be very funny…

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Bruno”

  1. i agree BORAT is successful mostly because it’s a minor character on a small show. it isn’t like a SEINFELD movie where there would have been crazy expectations.

    as for the poster, the BORAT poster is him from a high angle with a flag. it’s funny after you’ve seen the movie or if you know the character.

    the BRUNO poster with him in the ridiculous shorts and hat with that pose in A FIELD OF DANDELIONS!

    that, my friends, is comedy.

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