When Close-Ups Attack

Johnny Depp is a very charming fellow with a very expressive face which is normally endlessly entertaining to watch. And yet in this posters I don’t quite get the intriguing sense of danger that was quite clearly emanating from his character in the poster below.

Sure, part of that can be attributed to a more felicitous choice of facial expression. But it is also the case that sometimes less (close-up) is more. Sometimes characters need room tho breath, to convey things with their bodies, to be in their environment.

This is, of course, another aspect of why the floating heads convention grates.

(Via Kinopoisk and IMPAwards)

One thought on “When Close-Ups Attack”

  1. Wow, usually a poster campaign improves with each poster release. Not so here.

    That new one, I feel for JD he looks like he’s been photoshopped to heck-n-back.

    First poster gave a much better feel.

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