G.I. Dull

I complained that in the last batch of posters the characters in G.I. Joe all looked the same. Well, in this poster a much better job is done of distinguishing the bad guys from the good guys. The good guys are surrounded by blue flames and background. The bad guys are surrounded by red flames and background. I think. I mean, that is the tradition, right? Though hey all look like bad guys too me.

Considering that the character design in this movie is apparently very dull I wish they had gone with some action posters, showcasing some interesting backgrounds and battle sequences. But no, all the posters are squarely focused on the characters. Not sure that was a great choice.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “G.I. Dull”

  1. that poster sucks! here’s the fatal error: the characters in GI JOE have specialized uniforms. granted, some of them don’t translate well or are completely non-functional but the real reason they were there was so you (or a child) could tell them apart. it essentially made them superheroes.

    this would be like having the justice league and dressing them all in blue jumpsuit and trying to tell the difference between superman and captain marvel. it’s the same trap TRANSFORMERS fell into making the designs overly busy and monotone. how bad is it? i could put glasses on scarlett and make her the baroness. if i put a hood on duke i could make him zartan.

    it’s a design flaw on the costume level, not the poor bastard that has to sell this in a poster. his sin is how completely disinterested everyone looks. they don’t look badass… they just look bored.

    and who the hell are those two guys on the upper right? i’m assuming a generic cobra soldier and destro and if it is destro it doesn’t look like him and it doesn’t look cool enough for the poster. maybe cobra commander?

    i haven’t seen anything about this movie that remotely interests me and this isn’t helping.

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