Couple’s Retereat Poster

So, here we have a film starring Vince Vaughn, with a side of Jon Favreau. As the trailer makes it clear, this is a comedy. Based on that, shouldn’t the poster be more fun? A bunch of people sulking inside a body of water doesn’t really spell barrel of laughs to me. At least not this execution of it anyway.

As a matter of fact, if you changed all the actors, putting in their place a bunch of 20-year-olds, this could be the poster for the newest angst ridden teen TV series. From the makers of Dawson’s Creek, it’s Vince’s Lake.

I have to admit I didn’t find the trailer all that funny either, but it was much more clearly trying to make me laugh.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Couple’s Retereat Poster”

  1. i don’t know. i agree with what you’re saying but it’s hard to sell funny in a still without looking like you’re trying to hard to be wacky.

    if anything it reminded me of the promo posters for an old eric stoltz tv series:

    and who the hell is kali hawk? i am sure there are some kind of contractual obligations but seriously, do they think putting her name on that poster is going to make people show up? i don’t know her and she may be very talented but it’s essentially a name on a list showing they have nine people in this movie.

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