Jennifer’s Body Poster

The first poster for Jennifer’s body suffered from a certain lack of originality. Still, it was a crisp display of the sex + danger = fun equation.

Well, here we have the second poster and, although it works well on the sex front, the danger is almost totally gone. In its place we have some humor. Which makes sense, since from what I’ve read the movie is as much a comedy as it is a horror movie.

But boy, do I miss the fear. It seems too far gone, especially when you consider that the trailers still showcase that aspect of the movie prominently. And the particular comedy in this poster strikes me as hitting the wrong tone for the movie. Too broad, not clever enough. Considering the people involved I don’t think that is the kind of thing we will find in the film itself. The tagline, for example, closely resembles a line we see in the trailer, but robs it of all of its charm.

Than again maybe they don’t want to sell the film itself.

(Via ShockTillYouDrop and IMPAwards)


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