Because We Have Been Following the 9 Poster’s Pretty Closely

My guess is as good as yours…


As several commenters helpfully point out, this is a QR Code that apparently leads you to the movie’s trailer. A similar code can be seen on the Miss March poster.

Or at least that is what they would have you to believe!

(Via IMPAwards)

6 thoughts on “Because We Have Been Following the 9 Poster’s Pretty Closely”

  1. The black & white pattern seems to be for a 3D augmented reality display.

    Like here:

    There is an app on the iPhone that will use this, so perhaps you can use this poster with it to create a cool interactive animated 3D poster in the movie theater.

  2. I think I’ve seen this sort of thing before — it’s some sort of scannable code that acts as a link/password to something online. I would assume the text contact below is necessary… but this is all something I think I recall seeing.

  3. It’s called a QR Code. I’ve got an app on my iPhone called BeeTagg, that essentially opens a link (in the case of 9, it goes to a trailer), by taking a photo of the code. Miss March had a QR Code too, but they were a little more cleaver about placing it on their poster.

  4. Is this an international poster? QR codes are more popular overseas in Europe and Asia than in the US. Since they’re the first ones to really do it, seems like an effective teaser idea, but fails in that no one in the US really knows what a QR code is, and that green background isn’t iconic as 9’s motif.

    Personally, I think all smartphones should have QR scanners built in, you shouldn’t have to download an app just to follow a link. Think of how posters could send you to character specific websites or trailers using that. Easier call to action than a url.

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