SAW does the Motion Poster Thing

I guess it’s only natural that we now have a motion poster for a SAW movie. Creative and memorable (not to mention bloody) posters have been a trademark of the series, but as the years and movies went by it became harder and harder to create yet more posters that maintained the level of quality of the series and didn’t just feel like the same old. So it makes sense to embrace the motion poster concept in order to have some more freedom to try to come up with something new.

And it’s a pretty good motion poster, although I wouldn’t say it’s clearly better than the average motion poster. Then again the average motion poster has been pretty good, probably due to the fact that not every movie feels compelled to create one.

The complete lack of blood, or even of any hint of it, is perhaps a little surprising. A little. The series’ posters seem to have been trending towards a sell more oriented around Jigsaw (or around the idea of him) over the last few movies. This is another step in that direction. And I have to say, I don’t mind the change.

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