Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Poster

I know it will suck. Know it! But the claws, the shirt and the face are all such memorable parts of my young adulthood that I can’t help but to feel some goosebumps.

Which is why it pays to do lame remakes on the cheap. The young ones want to experience something that was big before their time. And some older people, me included, just can’t help themselves. Some of us are forever going to the movies we know we shouldn’t waste our time on, always with that sliver of hope that this time we will get to kick the football.

(Via IMPAwards)

3 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Poster”

  1. gus, don’t go into anything with the attitude it’ll suck. that’s horrible. for every bad remake you name i’ll name one good remake and another ten original movies that suck even harder.

    i was twelve when the first film came out so i was their demographic and it amazes me the people who are nostalia overrides their common sense that this genre in the eighties were cheap throw-away cash grabs by studios and were never that good in the first place. a girl is killed and blood smeared across a ceiling and they think her boyfriend did that? nancy decribes a serial killer from before she was born, comes out of a dream in a monitored room with a hat a cuts and nobody believes her, then her mother tells her the story and has KEPT THE BLADED GLOVE HE KILLED CHILDREN WITH as a memento?

    sorry, that’s not mentally challenged… that’s flat out retarded and lazy writing.

    and keep in mind, that was probably the best of the bunch. i love those movies as much as the next guy but lets keep things in perspective. this isn’t hitchcock or kurosawa we’re talking about.

    it reminds me of a conversation i had when the remake of Friday The 13th came out (which i had a fun time with) and someone asked me if it were any good and i prefaced my comments with, “let’s understand first, none of them were any good.” Friday The 13th is the girl you fool around with, Silence Of The Lambs is the girl you marry.

    as for the poster, i do like how these remakes keep the iconography for the characters. leatherface looks like leatherface. jason looks like jason. it’s much more than i can say for comic adaptations.

    that being said, i have to

  2. I may be wrong on this since I am hardly a Nightmare on Elm St fan, I can’t even remember the specifics of any of the films. But as a general movie fan the idea of the Elm St remake interests me. It seems like the poster is enhancing that feeling deliberately by keeping the face shrouded in darkness. By not showing the face, I am more inclined to simply think about seeing that movie to see what he looks like / how he compares with the old version. By just sparking my interest for a non-fan like myself the poster works.

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