Yep, Another SAW Poster

I think this just might be the best SAW poster since the body-parts-as-numbers heyday, which ended with the third outing.

For a while now the gore content in these posters has been insufficient to make an unique image, and they seemed to be searching for something else, some other element to replace it with. The results have sometimes been weird in an interesting way. But this poster is the first one that really makes those ideas work. It’s still a body part. It still feels like SAW. But instead of gore we have a surreal image that is much more eye-grabbing and upsetting than gore would be at this point.

This is also, for me, the first SAW poster in which the black background really works and complements the foreground. I think they finally found a different aesthetic for the series that is as memorable and strong as the original.

Very good work. It doesn’t actually make me see the film, but no poster could do that. I do want to see more posters now, something I haven’t really felt in a while.


Law Abiding Citzen Posters

Well, I’m myself think Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are a little overexposed these days. Apparently the designer here thought the same and decided to cover as much of their faces as he could with the title, and the tagline.

Which is all fine and good, but the idea could be taken further. Put some critic’s quotes in there, long ones! The name of the director, all the movies these people have been in, and, of course, “Oscar Winner” on Foxx’s. With that you could easily make it so we didn’t have to see even a bit of these guys faces.

Sure, that would probably draw the ire of whoever is paying these guys lots of money so they can sell the movie using them. But it would also conquer my undying slight appreciation.

A Serious Man Poster

A Serious Man strikes me as a low key movie with low key humor. And now it has a low key poster.

It all fits. And I’m interested. But I wonder if the approach here isn’t too subdued. The trailer does more to make the material pop out without necessarily making it seem like a very different movie.

(Via IMPAwards)

SAW VI Drives

The SAW nurses were always sexy, but in a very doll, almost fake way. An aspect which the latest poster apparently decided to embrace completely.

These blood drive posters have that warm feeling of tradition by now, but they are probably irrelevant to the marketing. Hopefully they actually do some good by getting people to participate on the drive. But as far as selling the film goes? Not much relevance either way.

Which is not to say I don’t enjoy them. Like I said, they now have the warm feeling of tradition. A messed up, bloody and somewhat kinky tradition. But tradition is tradition!

Pandorum Reveals More!

Fear what happens next. Well, they say we fear what we don’t know, and based on the posters released so far I really have no idea what happens next. Or what is happening now.

I am saddened to see that Pandorum is decisively walking away from the brand of “movie about tubes going in and out o people“. On a more serious note this last poster is darker than the early posters and abandons the sci-fi feel for a more clearly horror aesthetic. Perhaps they aren’t quite sure about how to sell the movie, or at least have changed their minds?

(Via JoBlo and IMPAwards)

The Informant Poster

What I love about this poster is how the combination of the type and the way that the title is broken into several lines allows me to think of a 50’s style monster movie about the terrible inform-ant. Much more dangerous than your regular giant ant.

Beyond that this is the second poster for the movie and so far the posters are weird, filled with a strange energy and terribly amusing to me. I’m not entirely sure the posters are really doing a great job selling the movie, and I don’t think I get much of a sense of what the film will be like based o them. But at least they got me interested.

(Via IMPAwards)