The Informant Poster

What I love about this poster is how the combination of the type and the way that the title is broken into several lines allows me to think of a 50’s style monster movie about the terrible inform-ant. Much more dangerous than your regular giant ant.

Beyond that this is the second poster for the movie and so far the posters are weird, filled with a strange energy and terribly amusing to me. I’m not entirely sure the posters are really doing a great job selling the movie, and I don’t think I get much of a sense of what the film will be like based o them. But at least they got me interested.

(Via IMPAwards)

One thought on “The Informant Poster”

  1. great poster but of all the films soderbergh’s done, i know the ocean’s elevens are the most commercial but was it necessary to list all three especially when the last two weren’t well received? erin brockovich, out of sight, sex lies and videotape?

    i should really answer my phone the next time they call me.

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