Law Abiding Citzen Posters

Well, I’m myself think Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are a little overexposed these days. Apparently the designer here thought the same and decided to cover as much of their faces as he could with the title, and the tagline.

Which is all fine and good, but the idea could be taken further. Put some critic’s quotes in there, long ones! The name of the director, all the movies these people have been in, and, of course, “Oscar Winner” on Foxx’s. With that you could easily make it so we didn’t have to see even a bit of these guys faces.

Sure, that would probably draw the ire of whoever is paying these guys lots of money so they can sell the movie using them. But it would also conquer my undying slight appreciation.

6 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citzen Posters”

  1. Butler’s most recent role, in the based-on-a-true-story feature Machine Gun Preacher, is complicated: Butler plays real-world church leader and impromptu military leader Sam Childers, who overcame his past as a drug dealer and addict to found a church in Pennsylvania and an orphanage in Sudan, where he’s openly led military missions to stop raids by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, and rescue child captives and child soldiers. (Childers is also touring in support of Machine Gun Preacher; we spoke to him and the movie’s screenwriter in a separate interview.) The A.V. Club recently spoke to Butler about playing a real-world figure, dealing with downtime, and the funny side that got him into rom-coms.*

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