Yep, Another SAW Poster

I think this just might be the best SAW poster since the body-parts-as-numbers heyday, which ended with the third outing.

For a while now the gore content in these posters has been insufficient to make an unique image, and they seemed to be searching for something else, some other element to replace it with. The results have sometimes been weird in an interesting way. But this poster is the first one that really makes those ideas work. It’s still a body part. It still feels like SAW. But instead of gore we have a surreal image that is much more eye-grabbing and upsetting than gore would be at this point.

This is also, for me, the first SAW poster in which the black background really works and complements the foreground. I think they finally found a different aesthetic for the series that is as memorable and strong as the original.

Very good work. It doesn’t actually make me see the film, but no poster could do that. I do want to see more posters now, something I haven’t really felt in a while.


2 thoughts on “Yep, Another SAW Poster”

  1. Hi, I’m really in to poster design (making and looking at them), and I stumbled across your site. I agree that the Saw posters have something really intriguing about them. They’re clear, clean, and crisp (whatever that means). Even though they don’t make me want to see the film, they make me wish the movies were good enough to see. I love photo manipulation and I could stare at this picture all day to see wear the hand ends and the glove begins

    The sad thing about the Saw movies is that they could’ve been really good if they didn’t rely on the gore and terror to make the movie stand out.

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