New Moon Posters

So, here we have a bunch of poster for the new Twilight movie. First, Werewolves!

Now, Vampires!

And, to finish off, we have … hmmm, more Vampires? With a human or two thrown in there? I think?

Ok, ok, I don’t actually know anything about the series, so I’m not sure what I’m talking about. And honestly, the posters aren’t exactly making me feel like changing that.

There are, to me, a couple of highlights in these. The first is the splashes of red and black in the “Vampires” poster, which help to distract from the overwhelming brown that permeates all the posters. The second is the embrace of the two main characters, which, to me, gives the only spark of emotion to be found in the three images. That aspect works, and I realize that maybe to the fans that is the most important thing.


2 thoughts on “New Moon Posters”

  1. hey now. i have never seen TWILIGHT and teenage vampires usually don’t interest me but am i crazy or does that first werewolves poster look like gay porn?

    not that there is anything wrong with that…

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