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The giant waves seem a little underwhelming in this image. If you are not paying close attention you might confuse them with the mountains they are engulfing. But this problem aside I actually quite like the idea of the poster, and of the related scene we can see in the trailer.

The basic formula for making a disaster movie poster is to show some important landmark being destroyed. Like I said before, this might not be very original, but it still seems to work.

However that doesn’t mean it’s not wise to also try something a little different. Here we get the same premise, but instead of some recognizable landmark we get a mostly anonymous landscape. However, we have the solitary monk, standing there, unable to do anything but await his demise. This adds a certain flavor to the whole thing and, more importantly, adds a human element that is often missing from the mostly sterile posters for the genre.

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Where The Wild Things Are Poster

This is not my favorite image from Wild Things. Not by far. But I still can’t help but to appreciate the mesmerizing dream like tone that all the posters (and the trailer) for this movie have had. Endless fascinating, even in the lesser incarnations, like the one above.

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A Little More SAW

This is almost the same image as the last frame of the SAW motion poster, only with more details. Which, quite frankly, doesn’t add much. Might even detract from the clean sharpness of the other image. Not exactly a home run.

It also strikes me that this latest SAW film has lacked any distinctive design element that ties together all posters for the film. Lots of variations, not much of a solid, consistent sell. Which is very different from the posters for the first few films in the series, but is a trend that was already appearing in the latest installments. However it seems more pronounced this time around.

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The Day After a Couple Of Years From Now

Well, destroying the White House worked great for the marketing of Independence Day. And a giant wave worked as part of the marketing for The Day After Tomorrow. So why not have a giant wave that destroys the White House? That’s got to double the profits, right?

These posters for 2012 are pretty similar to the equally polished disaster posters for The Day After Tomorrow. And why wouldn’t they be? The premise is very similar, and this sell managed to open TDAT to a pretty nice sum. Why change something that is not (as far as we know) broken?

I do appreciate that the Liberty Statue hasn’t been destroyed again in these. Poor lady had enough disasters for a several lifetimes.

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