The Title That Changed

In the transition from the UK to America The Boat that Rocked got a new title and a slightly different poster. I guess they thought the original just wasn’t zany and fun enough, so we get more people walking the plank (including a girl!), a second, more party-centric boat, and some stuff in the title. Oh yeah, and curiously enough a different angle of the main boat.

I like the cleaner UK poster better, from a purely aesthetic perspective, but I understand what they are trying to do with the American one. I’m not sure they haven’t gone too much into Animal House territory but I understand. And it must be said that new title fits the poster’s concept much better.


14 thoughts on “The Title That Changed”

  1. The poster changed because Americans are too stupid to understand subtlety, and have the attention-spans of gnats thus needing a million different things to happen at the same time or they lose interest – even in movie posters.

    The name changed because Americans are too stupid overall. “The boat that rocked?” What the f**k is that about? I don’t want to watch no dumb movie about a boat! “Pirate radio?” YEEEEAH it’s got pirates! And radios!

  2. I work with a guy who’s raved about “The Boat That Rocked” for months and couldn’t find it anywhere only to finally Wikipedia it and find the name had been changed and he’d downloaded a British torrent of it (which he neglected to tell me).

    First, the British title is smart and clever. The other elements, the radio bolts from the title and addition of the girl and boat just seem like they’re trying to hard. Seriously, this isn’t the kind of movie that makes $200m. So there isn’t a girl on the poster, most movies don’t have one on the poster anyway. And I am assuming the girl is Talulah Riley which means she isn’t Reese Witherspoon and no woman in America is going to look at the poster and think, “That movie looks stupid there is no way I’m going to… is that Talulah Riley, I’m in!”

  3. Love the comparison here. I’m curious as to why they made it look so over-the-top zany, even going so far as to change the postures of the people on the blank. I guess Ringo is right.

  4. The original references abbey road’s album cover, with the four guys walking left to right thing. Do they think Americans don’t know who the Beatles are? Pointless title change too.

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