Catching Up With 2009 : Iron Man 2

So, to recap, the poster campaign for the first Iron Man was basically a bunch of teasers showing how cool the suit was followed by a couple of final posters in a sort of Star Wars style with a lot of things happening. Despite these differences the sell was clear, especially when coupled with the trailers: Iron Man himself.

The campaign for the second Iron Man feels a lot less focused. Three posters. The suit without the helmet, pointing to the “everybody knows Tony Stark is Iron Man” aspect of the film. Iron Man and War Machine fighting together (“He is not alone anymore!”). And the new villain.

That is a quite a few ideas, being sold separately from each other. Not that movies haven’t been sold with a scattershot approach before, but when comparing this to the first campaign it strikes me as a less compelling campaign. This is perhaps exacerbated because the new characters aren’t nearly as cool as Iron Man himself.

However, getting people to see Iron Man 2 shouldn’t be too hard. The first film was broadly seen and broadly liked. So throwing a bunch of things at the wall to see what sticks should be enough to convince people that there is something here for them if they liked the first one. And the posters, taken individually, are all pretty good. So I don’t think the problems I have with the campaign will mean much in the end.

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5 thoughts on “Catching Up With 2009 : Iron Man 2”

  1. Most people do not realize the tony stark big head was only for international. The ironman/warmachine, and whiplash piece work great as a pairing.

  2. I enjoyed the great performance of Tony Stark in Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2 also impressed me with a different action of Iron Man.I think this series will work with a handsome pricing always.

  3. Wow, what can I say? I’m the ultimate Iron Man fan! I have this poster in my room. I love the poster’s concept where Tony’s head piece is removed. Clearly depicting that the man behind the superhero costume is someone that everybody knows!

    at: <a href=";

  4. Valerie, you’ve missed out on a lot then! But then again, you can always watch it on DVD / Blu-Ray. Might cost a few bucks off your wallet, but the movie’s worth it! I guarantee you.

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