The Wolfman Posters

So far I have failed to understand exactly why they are remaking The Wolfman. As I understand the original (and its sequels) is to this day remembered for the transformation scenes, which were memorable for the time. Well, we certainly can do a much more incredible transformation scene nowadays, but considering the kind of things we are used to seeing I doubt any kind of transformation will be impressive enough to merit a movie.

So why are they doing this? Something about the story that feels newly resonant? A different take on the story that feels newly resonant? And in the second case why not just make a werewolf movie, why make “The Wolfman”? The original was a classic Universal monster movie, and still seems to be well liked in certain circles. But is the title well known enough to make this a must see?

The posters aren’t doing anything to make me see why this is a a great concept. But honestly, since nothing else about the movie made much sense to me I’m not sure I fully equipped to judge how effective the posters are at selling the movie. Perhaps a bunch of people think this movie is a great idea and they find the posters just awesome.

As for my take on the posters as posters, I quite like them. Or at least some of them. They do feel a lot like something for a modern, slick versions of the the Universal monster movies. And that means, among other things, a sense of mood and ambiance that is quite gripping. And a certain retro feel that I personally like a lot in posters. I especially like how the wolfman looks modern without looking like most modern visions of the werewolf.

Some of these posters take the approach of keeping the beast hidden at the distance while others, obviously, are a lot less shy. Some people feel strongly about one or the other approach when it comes to marketing a movie. I myself think they can both work. And here they both make for interesting images.

(Via IMPAwards and reader Casty the Clown)

6 thoughts on “The Wolfman Posters”

  1. I haven’t actually seen the original, but when I saw the trailer, the image of Emily Blunt hiding behind a tree stood out to me. I think it makes for a great poster too. Perhaps part of the appeal comes from the “hero with a demon within” angle and the inevitable love story between demon and mortal, elements which have been popularised with the recent vampire shows/movies.

  2. Doesnt that spanish one say “The Mad Man: the legend is alive”? kinda weird that “wolf” doesnt seem to be on there anywhere
    sorry, i know thats irrelevant but it just bothered me

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