The Amazing Spider-Man Posters

This poster gives an impressive amount of prime space to the man-made web shooter. I understand that this is one of the differences between this reboot and the not-so-old movies, but, ahmmm, I think there are, like, three people in the whole world who care.

Outside of this little detail, I’m really not sure what the point of this particular poster is. What is the big visual thing we are supposed to take from it? What about it is supposed to excite us? What does it add to the rest of the poster campaign? Are we supposed to be in awe of the spider symbol that is formed by the street lights? Because, although I like that idea in theory, I actually failed to notice it the first few times I was looking at this poster. And I was looking closely.

And here is another one.

The whole poster campaign so far has a dark and brooding feel that kind of reminds me of the last few Batman movies. Just two problems with that.

First, the execution doesn’t come close to being as good as what we saw for Batman. This is how you make your hero’s symbol appear in the city. Nobody is missing that one. The imagery in the Spider-Man campaign has been surprisingly dull. The city in particular is just looks incredibly uninteresting and generic.

Second, Spider-Man is not Batman! Yes, many people love Batman. Yes, many people love Spider-Man. Yes, many people love both of them! But for different reasons. Each character has it’s own strong points, and I’m getting the feeling that this marketing campaign just doesn’t know what the ones for Spider-Man are. I really hope the actual movie is much better in this aspect.


11 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man Posters”

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