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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

This new poster for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has been making the internet rounds, so I guess I should say something about it, right?

What I find most interesting about the poster is that it makes clear that the silver surfer is the biggest drawn of the new film and is going to be a major character, on par with any of the actual members of the FF. I like this strategy because, honestly, the first FF wasn’t very good. And I really need a good reason to think the new one will be better.

I’m not quite sold on the movie yet, but the SS does add an exciting component to the equation. Who knows, this film just might work.


Robert Rodriguez, talking about how he came up with the woman with a machine gun leg idea:

I needed some sensational central image to help get across in a trailer and a poster. People have seen zombies. It needs some other hook. I’ve got the girl with no leg, then suddenly, I just pictured her firing a machine-gun leg. I thought, ‘Oh my God, that would be such a sexy, cool image, especially if it’s done really low-budget, where it’s not a “Terminator” fancy leg. It’s just a stump with an Ace bandage and a gun jammed in it.’

It is a powerful, memorable image. And for better or for worst it was the element most readily associated with Planet Terror, and perhaps with Grindhouse as a whole.

Considering the disappointing box office take of Grindhouse it just might have been for worst. But I still love it anyway.

10 Grindhouse Posters

Matt Bradshaw over at Cinematical recently had a nice article listing his favorite grindhouse flicks. Me being me, I immediately thought “yeah, but what about the posters?” So consider this a companion piece to that article, as well as a way to get yourself in the right mood to see the new Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature coming our way this Friday.

The Street Fighter

The Streetfighter Poster

You might know Sonny Chiba as Hatori Hanzo, the master swords maker from Tarantino’s Kill Bill. But much before that, he was an action star in Japan. A very mean action star.

For example, in this one he plays a mercenary that tries to save a rich heiress from a gang of thugs. That is, he tries to save her after the gang fails to pay him enough money to kidnap her. Nice guy.

The poster itself goes for the drawn characters look, which was quite common at the time. You don’t see much of that anymore.

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New Transformers Posters

Transformers Poster - Optimus PrimeTransformers Poster - Megatron
(click to enlarge)

Transformers is yet another one of those movies that I used to think was going to suck but that I now am starting to think might be lots of fun. And this two new character posters actually make me look forward to it more.

Here is what I like:

  • The look of the robots themselves is very realistic. The toys and cartoons were always very, well, cartoonistic. In the movie they seem to be going for a more “what if giant robots really existed” style, which should make for a very different, more serious version of Transformers. And I like that. As much as I loved the toons when I was growing up, I’d rather the film gave us a perspective we haven’t seen before.
  • The posters makes the film look huge and epic. I’m mostly referring to how the city seems small compared to the robots. This manages to make the stakes seem higher, since we are able to imagine that the robots are capable of causing some pretty big havoc in our world.

And what I don’t like:

  • I’m afraid the robots might be a little too inexpressive. Sure, there will be humans, but we need to bond with the Autobots too, and hate the Decepticons. It’s hard to feel anything too strong about a machine that doesn’t really have much of an expression.
  • Don’t they look a little too much like each other? Perhaps that’s part of the point. And you can tell that the one with blue paint and eyes is the good guy, and the one with only black paint and red eyes is the bad guy. But I still wished their designs were more different from one another.

The transformers are coming our way in July.

Shooter Poster

Shooter Poster

If I admit I really liked this poster, will you “shoot” me? I know, I know, silly pun, but I couldn’t resist it.

I did like poster. The pose, the angle, the use of lighting and of the clouds in order to frame Wahlberg, it all amounts to a pretty cool image. The transparent letters in the middle of the poster don’t work, but I would still like to have this one up in my bedroom, so I could take a look at it every once in a while.

Now, I still don’t want to see the movie. But I don’t think any poster could make me feel any different. And this one does a good job of at least keeping the film in my mind.

Also, I really like the way clouds look in general. In case you are wondering, this is not really related to the rest of the post at all.