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9 + 9 + 9 = Too Much

So, just to make everything clear. This year will see the release of 9 an animated film directed by Shane Acker which has this very cool Russian poster:

Scary, funny and compelling in all the right ways isn’t it? Reminds me a little of Coraline, and I mean that in a good way.

Also coming out this year is District 9, a movie about aliens who feels like their rights aren’t being respected. I think. That movie has the following serious poster…

…and it also has a very clever campaign that includes the poster below and these. Honestly, the campaign just might be a little too clever.

But that is not all! This year will also see the release of the Rob Marshall musical Nine. Which loses, because it has no poster yet. (Ok, I know, I know, plenty of time).

And none of those has anything at all to do with The Nines.

So now you know.

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More Transformers

This is kind of a weird poster. Here we have our favorite heroes running either towards or from some unseen something, being shown from sort of a strange angle. And the robots look uncharacteristically cartoonish, considering how much of this series has been based around showing what these giant creatures might look like in real life.

As a matter of fact this poster reminds me a lot of a promotional picture or scene from an 80’s cartoon. I’m not sure if my memory is responding to some specific image from my childhood or to a pattern I noticed only subconsciously. In fact, I can’t explain this feeling at all. But it is there.

And what, exactly, are those flashes of light coming from behind them? An explosion? Killer laser beams? Something else entirely? I have stared and stared, but I’m still not sure.

Just to finish, I find it interesting that all the posters for the second go around of Transformers haven’t featured any of the original good robots except Bumblebee and Optimus. A little while ago I saw an interview by someone related to the film (Michael Bay maybe?) where he explained that they wanted to get more robots in, but ultimately couldn’t afford it. This seems like a good thing on hindsight, since only two of the various Transformers turned out be really memorable anyway.

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G.I. Dull

I complained that in the last batch of posters the characters in G.I. Joe all looked the same. Well, in this poster a much better job is done of distinguishing the bad guys from the good guys. The good guys are surrounded by blue flames and background. The bad guys are surrounded by red flames and background. I think. I mean, that is the tradition, right? Though hey all look like bad guys too me.

Considering that the character design in this movie is apparently very dull I wish they had gone with some action posters, showcasing some interesting backgrounds and battle sequences. But no, all the posters are squarely focused on the characters. Not sure that was a great choice.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Poster

A quick perusal of my posts about the first Transformers informs me the I actually liked its posters much less than I remembered. But there were at least a couple of very good ones. And I was very interested in seeing each and every one of the posters, and was happy to analyze them to death.

The poster campaign for Revenge of the Fallen on the other hand has mostly left me cold. I don’t hate it in any way, but it just failed completely to pick up my interest. The sole exception was the first poster, which was a pretty decent teaser and got me to read a lot about the film, something a hadn’t done up to that point.

A big part of the loss of appeal is that we have now seen the giant robots during one whole film. So seeing a still photo of them doesn’t exactly excite. The pyramid background doesn’t help either. It’s just trying too hard to make the film look like it will have new, exotic and exciting elements. And the pyramids, although awesome, have been exposed to the point where they are no longer immediately impressive by themselves.

In a similar vein there is too much work being put in making the robots look battered up. I guess the idea is to make us believe they have just gone through intense action, but the main effect is to make the poster look uglier and more somber than it needs to be.

As it happens I was watching bits of the first film this weekend. Transformers are cool. The posters are doing a bad job of reminding us of that. And a bad job of making the case for the new things in the sequel.

But then again, not terrible at all. And the movie comes pretty much pre-sold, so probably no harm done.

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UK and France Represent

Last week I, very lightly, mocked the repetition of some design decisions in the posters for the X-Men series. Well, Today France totally shut me up.

Different characters in every poster! Well, one or two different characters in every poster, but still…

I have to admit that, as far as selling the movie goes, this is probably a decent design. But the decision to use several small variations still amuses me.

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Star Trek?

It took me a good 30 seconds to actually realize that this was a picture of a moving (I imagine) enterprise. Before that I kept seeing a weird shower head.

I think the goal of the Star Trek marketing is to keep the core trekkie audience interested while also significantly broadening the series appeal. A big white mess seems unlikely to achieve either of these goals.

And even after you figure out what the image is, it’s still not very interesting. The enterprise going fast. A different depiction from those we have seen before, but one that doesn’t actually add much.

Maybe the idea is that by doing something that can’t be immediately understood they will get people’s attention, and that when these same people figure it out they will remember the Enterprise clearly. But this sort of strategy seems as likely to irritate people as it is to engage them.

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