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Ending With a Whimper, Not a Bang

The Watchmen poster campaign has mostly kept a coherent visual style and used well the fascinating characters. This poster gets all of those characters together and keeps the same visual style, so I guess I can’t complain about it too much. Still, it’s sort of a dull ending for a campaign that had a great source material (composed of still images even) and that did manage to produce a couple of terrific posters.

The main problem is that is a uninspiring, run-of-the-mill “team” design for a movie whose top selling point is stunning and one of a kind visuals. The creativity and energy that is expected to be seen in the actual movie is missing, even if some of the elements of it (the background and the character designs) are there. And that is just too bad.

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G. I. Joe Posters

So, here we have three men and two women. All standing against pretty much the same background, all dressed in very similar black clothes, all doing some “cool” poses and all carrying generic looking guns. Makes the characters look all the same.

But their faces should add a good deal of uniqueness to each poster, right? Oh yeah, that’s right, they decided to cut half of the face of each character, completely robbing them of expressions, so that won’t work.

Where they actively trying to make these look like generic models dressed in black?

But fear not, here is something completely different, a guy dressed in dark gray clothes!

Man, the visual range of this film is going to be stunning isn’t it?

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Crank 2 Teaser Poster

This is Crank:

This is Crank on drugs:

Or, if you prefer, this is the first poster for Crank 2 : High Voltage.

The posters seem to indicate that Crank 2 will be just like the first, but even more exaggerated. I find it hard to believe they can do something that tops the first, but the fact that they are making a sequel with the same characters after that ending proves that they are going to try.

The first Crank had a couple of really nice teaser poster and a so-so final one. Maybe this time we can get a more memorable final poster? And maybe another great teaser that is not a riff on a poster for the first film? No that there is anything wrong of this poster, it’s pretty great, but something different would also be nice.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Poster Shows More Than Meets the Eye .. But Only a Little More

I think it’s hard to argue against the poster campaign for the first Transformers. In hindsight I think it wasn’t all that inspired or original, but it did use the movie’s main assets (GIANT ROBOTS!) very well and got the job done. Maybe it could have been better artistically, but from a marketing perspective it was great.

And the poster campaign for the second movie seems to be following in the footsteps of the original. The teaser shows very little, but enough of it is new to make us take notice and to get people speculating. The giant metal monsters are apparently still very cool. And just as a piece of imagery I even find this more interesting than any of the posters for the first movie.

The poster even managed to spark some internet discussion about the apparent similarity of this to the Decepticons’ original logo. It’s always good to see a poster for a major franchise like this that manages to be engaging to both causal and more hardcore fans.

In a somewhat related note, the guys over at Transformers Live Action Movie Blog have an enhanced version of the image that reveals … well, not all that much. Still worth taking a look though:

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The Streets Will Fight Again

I know that when you find yourself having to design the poster for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li you have been dealt a very bad hand. But surely the result can be better than this.

The good thing about this poster is that it does show two people fighting, and that is the essence of Street Fighter (an essence that doesn’t exactly make a great movie premise, but never mind that). Of course the titular (and legendary!) Chun-Li isn’t one of those people, but I’m willing to forgive that.

But the bad is overwhelming. The metallic blue on black color scheme is horrid, for starters. And the main design idea of the poster is to fill the silhouette of the fighting men with floating heads that are, in their majority, not recognizable either to movie goers or to Street Fighters fans. Not exactly a winning concept.

Also, the tagline isn’t great, but it isn’t the worst either. However the overall image does nothing to complement it and make its meaning more profound. So it end up being just words that people will be happy to ignore.

Then again I always say that a bad poster for a bad movie can be a blessing, and I just can’t see this being anything but awful.

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New Terminator Salvation Poster

I have to admit, the Terminator’s face emerging from the destroyed remains of a city is one of the coolest poster images I have seen this year. A very good idea expertly executed in this case.

And this flash “moving” version makes the whole thing even better. I wonder how long it will take until motion posters of this kind become something we see commonly on theater lobbies?

I’m kind of surprised at how much weight the Terminator brand still carries with me, and with how good the marketing materials for this film have been. Considering the director of Salvation is the infamous McG I’m keeping my hopes down. But as it turns out I sure would love one more great Terminator film.

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The Spirit Final Poster

And so one of the more interesting poster campaigns of this year is coming to a close. Honestly, although I still think it’s quite a good campaign, it peaked too soon. That teaser poster was everything I wanted the posters for this film to be: sharp, strong and with a clear and unique visual style. The posters that came after it showed us more of the characters, which seems wise, but could never really get back to that level visually. And the recent addition of oranges and browns to the posters isn’t making me too happy.

Which is not to say that this last poster isn’t good. It is very creative, energetic and has several distinctive elements. But it ultimately lacks a clear message selling the film or a truly recognizable and unique visual style that could propel the movie in to people’s must see list. So, as a marketing instrument I think it is less effective than I would have liked. And although I enjoy looking at it very much, the teaser is what might eventually make its way to my wall one of these days.

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