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John Carter (In Mars!) Poster

John Carter Poster

I think this is my favorite John Carter poster so far. Such lovely, epic seeming scenery. And a great pulp book cover style. I’m still not convinced I will like the film, but this poster points at what I want it to be: pulp, epic, bizarre, otherworldly fun.

Which is probably not what everybody wants. And when we talk about a film like this, with a mega budget, the hope must be for something with a very broad, Pirates of the Caribbean like appeal. And I’m really not seeing any that. Not here, not in the other posters.



Where The Wild Things Are Poster

This is not my favorite image from Wild Things. Not by far. But I still can’t help but to appreciate the mesmerizing dream like tone that all the posters (and the trailer) for this movie have had. Endless fascinating, even in the lesser incarnations, like the one above.

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The Day After a Couple Of Years From Now

Well, destroying the White House worked great for the marketing of Independence Day. And a giant wave worked as part of the marketing for The Day After Tomorrow. So why not have a giant wave that destroys the White House? That’s got to double the profits, right?

These posters for 2012 are pretty similar to the equally polished disaster posters for The Day After Tomorrow. And why wouldn’t they be? The premise is very similar, and this sell managed to open TDAT to a pretty nice sum. Why change something that is not (as far as we know) broken?

I do appreciate that the Liberty Statue hasn’t been destroyed again in these. Poor lady had enough disasters for a several lifetimes.

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Prince of Persia Posters

I think Peter nails it: these posters look like glossy magazine covers. Quite serious and somber glossy magazine covers in fact. Which strikes me as pretty odd, considering this is an epic adventure through an enchanted land. I’m sort of getting the adventure part, but the enchanted land and the epic escape me. Lots of beefcake though.

And doesn’t the Disney logo feel out of place in this image?

A Jake Gyllenhaal staring prince of Persia always struck me as a hard sell, and I have been curious about how they would try to market it. I definitely didn’t expect to see this, a poster that emphasizes so much Jake as very brooding rendition of the prince.

Maybe the idea here is that this type of image, and this depiction of the character, will be attractive to women? And once they convinced women to go see it guys should be an easy sell with some well placed fights and effects on the trailers? That is my best bet at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised to be wrong. Like I said, kind of an odd choice.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Poster

A quick perusal of my posts about the first Transformers informs me the I actually liked its posters much less than I remembered. But there were at least a couple of very good ones. And I was very interested in seeing each and every one of the posters, and was happy to analyze them to death.

The poster campaign for Revenge of the Fallen on the other hand has mostly left me cold. I don’t hate it in any way, but it just failed completely to pick up my interest. The sole exception was the first poster, which was a pretty decent teaser and got me to read a lot about the film, something a hadn’t done up to that point.

A big part of the loss of appeal is that we have now seen the giant robots during one whole film. So seeing a still photo of them doesn’t exactly excite. The pyramid background doesn’t help either. It’s just trying too hard to make the film look like it will have new, exotic and exciting elements. And the pyramids, although awesome, have been exposed to the point where they are no longer immediately impressive by themselves.

In a similar vein there is too much work being put in making the robots look battered up. I guess the idea is to make us believe they have just gone through intense action, but the main effect is to make the poster look uglier and more somber than it needs to be.

As it happens I was watching bits of the first film this weekend. Transformers are cool. The posters are doing a bad job of reminding us of that. And a bad job of making the case for the new things in the sequel.

But then again, not terrible at all. And the movie comes pretty much pre-sold, so probably no harm done.

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Brothers Bloom Posters

Ok, first off, this is not an official poster for Brothers Bloom. Instead it’s something the director asked his cousin to cook up. Still, it’s worth posting. Even tough I’m not a big fan of this particular drawing I think it still shows the potential drawn posters have to mesmerize and sell movies. Could we perhaps have a little bit more of this type of thing in official posters? Please?

The drawn poster is, for example, much better at conveying the rollicking trip around the world aspect of the movie than this other, very official poster.

The official poster does have one advantage: the orange umbrellas. No really. The orange on the poster is very lively and the umbrellas are offbeat and rather memorable. Still, not enough to really get one hooked. But at least it is something that will catch your eye, and maybe remind you of that trailer you saw online a while ago and that looked so good.

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Three Times Star Trek

The three international posters released for Star Trek today are very different from each other. First we have this one:

Basically the approach here was to use the big heads floating over landscape design and to put in the landscape two of the most striking images found in the trailer: Kirk on a bike and the still being built Enterprise. The end result? kind of a mess.

The second takes an almost directly inverse approach. None of the actors show up, just a striking, CGI filled image of a famous monument interacting with the film’s world. This too is a well known design choice. We saw similar things for example here. And of course here.

The problem? Except for the title there is nothing in the image that says Star Trek. as a matter of fact I’m not completely sure what is going on in the poster.

And then we have this third poster, which feels like a throwback to earlier Star Trek posters, and even more reminds me of some other 80’s style sci-fi imagery. Only everything is very polished, and looks modern. Those older posters right now seem like a very outdated vision of the future. This, not so much.

I like this poster, even tough when you really think about it the image is more or less your standard big floating heads poster. And it even looks like an Iron Man poster I criticized last year. But it fills me with a sense of nostalgia I hadn’t experienced yet. And I think the poster kind of captures what the movie is going to be all about, for better or for worst.

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