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Land of the Lost Poster

There are a few things about this poster that confuse me.

First, the poster seems to position Land of the Lost as a pretty straight fantasy/adventure. However, both the film and the poster star Will Ferrell, who isn’t exactly known for playing it straight. So, is this a more serious turn for Will? Or is it a more comedic interpretation of the concept?

The second thing is that the poster has a very retro look, both in the contents of the image and in its style. Even the title is reminiscent of the original (and rather old) Land of the Lost. These might mean that the new film embraces it’s roots and updates the original while still maintaining it’s overall feel. But I find it hard to believe they actually went in that direction, especially considering the star.

So basically the poster is telling me this is a reasonably serious fantasy/adventure with a retro look and lots of love for the original, but my prejudices don’t really let me believe that is what the film will actually be. I hope my prejudices are wrong, because that sounds like a movie I might want o watch.

Confusions aside let me just say that I quite like the look of the poster, but the boat and its passengers feel a little out of place. They are both too real and too silly to fit in with the background.

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Separated at Birth: Inkheart and Bedtime Stories

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Two films about fantastic stories that come to life? Oh, it’s on. Although since one film has Adam Sandler and the backing of Disney and the other has Brendan Fraser I’m guessing it won’t be much of a fight.

I do think the design in general and the fantastic images in particular of the Inkheart poster are more interesting than those of the Bedtime Stories poster. But Bedtime is more clearly focused on appealing to kids, they are obviously chasing the young kids/families demographic. The target demographic for Inkheart is a bit less clear, but I think they might be trying to reach more teenagers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t think it will be very successful at that.

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Authenticity is Overrated

Angels and Demons Poster

This poster might very well not be an official poster, but is that reason enought not to post it? I say no.

A half angel, half demon statue might be an overly literal visual representation of a movie called Angels & Demons, but you know what? I don’t really care. It works. And the background serves as a nice reminder that this movie is probably going to have lots of travel porn.

Of course the dark mood of the poster and the seemly supernatural elements don’t really seem to fit with what I imagine the tone and story of the movie will be like. I haven’t actually read the book, so perhaps it would seem more fitting if I had, but I was expecting something a little lighter and more grounded.

Then again I’m expecting this movie too suck, so going against my expectations is probably a good thing.

This poster could have worked very well for a classy horror movie. On the other hand, this poster for House couldn’t, which is a shame because this one actually is a horror movie.

House Poster

Forbidden and dangerous doors are a recurring theme/image and it can be really effective if well handled. But this is more boring than scary.

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Catching Up is Hard to Do

Well, since I complained about the lack of originality of the last blood drive poster I guess I should commend them for trying something a little different. Not really different enough to be striking, but I appreciate he effort.

Can you say brooding? Can you say it while constantly looking down? Mister Payne looks like he feels the weight of the world in his shoulders. Or maybe he just has a sore neck.

I wonder if he looks up long enough in order to shoot the bad guys or if he has developed some sort of mirrors in the feet gadget.

Seems to be more clearly going for the funny.

Bold historic epic filled with stunning imagery, heart pumping action and melting hot romance. This is both what these posters transmit and what I’m expecting from the Baz Luhrmann epic. But the imagery is also very close to being over the top in its boldness.

This line between amazing and ridiculous is one Baz is familiar with and has successfully walked in the past. Let’s see if he can make magic happen again.

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Conan Then

The above poster for the very first Conan has become sort of a cult item, and it’s remarkable for being pretty consistent with much of the artwork done for the Conan character over the years. Still, considering the sheer amount of pulpy goodness associated with character (just check the covers for Savage Sword of Conan) I think they could have done better.

But the poster is still miles better than what we got for the next film.

The second film was a lot less successful than the first. Coincidence? Mostly, yeah, but I’m sure the poster didn’t help.

Conan Poster

Conan Poster

This poster made me realize just how much I associate Conan with the Governator. The image doesn’t show Conan’s head (as far as I know the actor hasn’t been cast yet) but just by seeing the body and the sword I immediately imagine Schwarzenegger’s head on top of it.

The funny thing is that I’m familiar with with the Robert E. Howard Conan stories, and I probably associate the character mos strongly with the black and white Savage Sword of Conan comic books. So when I imagine the Conan character I don’t necessarily think Arnold immediately. And yet, when it comes to movies…

This poster seems to indicate that they intend to go with someone of Schwarzenegger’s build for the next Conan. That’s their choice, and I understand it. I guess that for most people Arnold is Conan, and they want to make this seem like a continuation of the early movies. If they chose someone less musclebound it might not seem like the same character.

But the comparisons are going to be something they might have some trouble dealing with. Say what you want about Arnold’s acting skills, but the guy obviously had (and has) charisma in spades. Matching that and the build is a lot to ask.

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The Semi-Weekly Round Up: Not White Enough Edition


Transsiberian Poster

I really wish they had done more with the whiteness of the ambient. But I guess this isn’t too bad.

Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles Poster

It’s always funny to find a new poster for a movie you wrote about a year ago. Apparently they used all that time to come up with a much worse poster design.


Mirrors Poster

Despite all the 24 success my man Kiefer still can't score a face placement on the poster for his crappy horror film. Sad. But they did chose to replace the Kiefer's head with a screaming woman, which is like, totally original when it comes to horror posters.

To be fair, it is more disturbing than the general woman screaming images.

The Rocker

The Rocker Poster

Young Rainn Wilson was cute. Old Rainn wilson with almost no clothes is mostly scary.


Bolt Poster

I didn’t know they were doing a sequel to The Incredibles…

Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill POster

Surprisingly the poster that almost doesn’t show DeNiro’s and Pacino’s faces is the most effective one for the film so far.


Blindness Poster

Going blind, piece by piece.

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